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Add funds and check your Family Account Balance:
New users need to contact your school or Sharon Kerr at  for set up information 

Lunch Account Balance Information

Reminders:  If a students’ account balance becomes low or negative, a weekly reminder will be sent out to parents via an email or a phone call. A low balance is defined as a family account balance that has less than $10.00. Families are required to pay in advance for the lunch program and should maintain a positive balance in their account.

Payments:  Payments are accepted in each building office by check or cash or online at  Payments by check or cash must be in an envelope and the envelope must contain student or family name and lunch ID or family lunch account number to assist in crediting the proper account.

End of Year Balance:  Any money remaining in a student lunch account at the end of the school year will be transferred with the student to the next grade. 

Refunds for families leaving the district or of seniors with no siblings in the district.:   Please submits refunds to: Sharon Kerr, Gretna Public Schools, 11717 S. 216th St., Gretna, NE 68028 or email her at by June 14, 2019.  Please include a forwarding address and allow 2-3 weeks for the refund.  If you would like to donate any funds left in your account to a family in need within our district, please let us know at the above contact information.Any monies remaining in the account after June 14th, will be used as a donation to a lunch balance for a family in need within the district.

If you have any questions regarding your lunch account, please call Sharon Kerr at 402-332-3265