Lunch Menus

2019/2020 Daily Meal Prices For Gretna Public Schools:    

Elementary (K-5)         $2.75
Middle School              $2.85
High School                 $3.10
Adult/Guest                  $3.40

What Makes Up A "Complete Meal"

According to Federal Regulations, you do not have to take all of these food components.  You may choose only three or four food components, with at least one of these components being a fruit or 
vegetable.    The components must be taken in at least minimum quantities for the meal to qualify for a reimbursement.  This Serving option is known as Offer Versus Serve.  The school food service offers all five food components but can serve you fewer.  The main reason for allowing you to decline foods that you don't intend to eat is to cut down on food waste and cost.

Offer Versus Serve

Choosing three, four or five food components has no effect on the price you pay for lunch.  The entire meal is the best value for your money.  You can help keep the lunch line moving quickly by checking the menu ahead of time and politely telling the servers which foods you do not want.

Remember the choice is yours!  Turning down foods you will not eat instead of throwing them in the trash is a responsible way to help your school save food, time and money


If you have any questions regarding your lunch account, please call Sharon Kerr at 402-332-3265

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