Neighborhoods in the Gretna School District

Neighborhoods of the Gretna Public School District

Listed below are the housing developments (subdivisions) located partially or wholly within the Gretna Public School district. If you still have questions about your location/lot please contact Jean Anderson at 402-332-3265 to verify.

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Housing Subdivision Elementary Attendance Area   Housing Subdivision Elementary Attendance Area
Amber Vista Thomas Elementary Lyman Hylands Thomas Elementary
Arbor Gate Whitetail Creek Elementary North Park Thomas Elementary
Aspen Creek Palisades Elementary Northridge Thomas Elementary
Bellbrook** Whitetail Creek  Elementary Palisades Palisades Elementary
Cedar Hollow Palisades Elementary Pebblebrooke Palisades Elementary
Cedar Ridge Palisades Elementary Plum Creek Gretna Elementary
Chestnut Ridge Gretna Elementary Prairie Ridge Estates Whitetail Creek Elementary
Cheyenne Country Estates Palisades Elementary Remington Ridge Whitetail Creek Elementary
Cinnamon Acres Palisades Elementary Sarpy Heights Whitetail Creek Elementary
Copper Ridge Gretna Elementary Santa Fe Pointe Thomas Elementary
Covington Thomas Elementary Southgate Gretna Elementary
Crystal Creek Whitetail Creek Elementary South Hamptons Whitetail Creek Elementary
Devonshire Thomas Elementary Southern Pines Palisades Elementary
Equestrian Ridge Gretna Elementary Standing Stone Thomas Elementary
Falling Waters Whitetail Creek Elementary Summit Thomas Elementary
Forest Run Thomas Elementary The Hamptons Whitetail Creek Elementary
Gretna (Old town) Gretna Elementary Thousand Oaks Thomas Elementary
Harrison Woods Palisades Elementary Tiburon Palisades Elementary
Hillview Palisades Elementary Tiburon Ridge Palisades Elementary
Highland Ridge Thomas Elementary Twin River Vista Whitetail Creek Elementary
Evansboro Estates Whitetail Creek Elementary Westridge Farms Thomas Elementary
 Lincoln Place (North of Gruenther Rd)  Whitetail Creek Elementary   Whitetail Creek Whitetail Creek Elementary
Lincoln Place (South of Gruenther Rd) Thomas Elementary   Willow Park Thomas Elementary
** check with Jean Anderson 402-332-3265 if your address in this neighborhood is Gretna or Millard Schools